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Hello, I am Fatet Anderson, a fitness coach passionate about helping women become better versions of themselves.  Join me on this beautiful journey as I take you through a well structured, science-based fitness and nutrition programme.

From hobby to profession. The journey so far.

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"Being into fitness and not knowing how to workout is very exhausting. I dont like dieting so I needed a trainer to point me in the right direction especially after all the trainers I had were more interested in making me run for such a long time and testing how heavy I can lift. Working out with Fatet, she knew how to isolate my workout amd target muscles with different variation workout,making it easier for me. I started to see results withing the shortest possible time because consistency was key to her. And her advices on what to eat also helped a great deal in helping me achieve my goal"
"I have recently decided to take the big jump and start my new fitness journey after noticing that I lacked energy and stamina and my body was losing its definition. This realisation coupled with the encouragement and motivation by the amazing Fatet helped me start this journey. My goals on this journey are to lose weight, regain energy, eat healthier, tone up and be physically stronger."
Kaddy Djiba-Muhammad


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